taking back birth

i'll walk 
beside you.

The world of female physiology can be confusing and overwhelming. I want you to focus on the joy of this time. Your body was made to grow, carry, and birth your baby. I can help you move past society-induced fears into an empowered state. Let your intuition guide you and your baby to the experience that you desire. 

I'm Jacqie. Mom. Photographer. doula. 
i feLl in love with birth when my first transformed me. 

hello there

A doula's job is to listen, inform, and inspire. It's important to connect with your doula and birth professionals. You'll want to feel heard and understood. You are in charge of your body and birth. Look for professionals who honor that and you. Being in an emotional safe space will allow you and your baby to connect and move through labor together.

Your doula will foster a safe space, emotionally and physically, for you and your partner. They can provide comfort items and take measures to help your physical state during pregnancy and labor. Doulas are trained in helping to move your baby down and keep you as comfortable as possible during labor. 

Your doula will provide information to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Doulas do not always know all, but they are well versed in pregnancy and childbirth and can provide resources in addition to hands on help. 


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