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According to Evidence-Based Birth, continuous support from a doula through pregnancy and birth can decrease maternal mortality rates, c-section rates, traumatic birthing experiences, and obstetric bullying. Pregnancy is an exciting time, and I am here to empower you with the knowledge and tools to navigate your journey even when a birth plan goes awry. I'll do the hip squeeze to relieve pain. I'll help you run through movements to get baby to come down. I'll hold your hand through contractions. I'll listen, hold space, and encourage you.

A doula is a birth coach, an advocate, a hand holder, the strength you need when yours is all gone, another set of hands, and a sister during your most vulnerable of times. A doula is there both in a professional capacity and as a friend with a set of tools to help accompany you on your birth quest. A doula can also provide comfort and counseling for cesarean births. 


What exactly does
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Doula-assisted births have results! Babies born to doula assisted parents are:
  • 4x less likely to have low birth weight
  • 2x less likely to experience a birth complication
  • And more likely to initiate breastfeeding. 
Parents also experience: 
  • 39% decrease in the risk of Cesarean
  • 15% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth
  • 10% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief
  • Shorter labors by 41 minutes on average
  • 38% decrease in the baby’s risk of a low five minute Apgar score
  • 31% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

How much can a Doula help?

*Data from Evidence Based Birth & National Institute of Health

2 Prenatal Consults

Text/Phone Support 

Birth Plan/Prep

1 Postpartum Visit



2 Prenatal/1 Postpartum Consult

Text/Phone Support 

Birth Plan/Prep

Minimum 50 labor/delivery images


doula + photo

Monthly visits through 3 Months PP

Text/Phone Support

Birth or Newborn Photography

Personalized Birth Education
in your home

hold my hand

Birth Photography is available as an individual service for $1100


Frequently asked

what if i go into labor in the middle of the night?

I will be on call for your birth. Babies come when they want, so you may well go into labor in the middle of the night. We will keep in touch leading up to your delivery. If you're in active labor in the middle of the night I will be there for you. We decide when you want my support, and I'm there!

Are you on call for my birth?

I will be on call 24 hours per day from 38 weeks through 42 weeks or until you deliver. If it seems you may go into labor prior to 38 weeks I will work my schedule to support you as much as I can. 

how far will you travel?

I am based in Cumberland, Maryland and will travel to Oakland, Morgantown, Winchester, and Hagerstown areas. I attend births at home, birth centers, and hospitals. 

do you do hospital or homebirth

BOTH! I have experience in hospitals, home settings, and birth centers. 

WHAT IF i need a c-section

We will do everything possible to get you moving in the direction of the birth experience you want. With the support of a doula your chances of a cesarean decrease. If your provider decides it is medically necessary then we will pivot our plan to suit your needs. I offer doula support for mamas who babies are born through c-sections. 


Your due date is an estimated date of your baby's arrival. Only your baby knows when they're ready. The on call window covers any fluctuations in your "due date". 

Won't my partner support me in labor? 

Yes. Your partner will support you in the best way they know how. A doula can offer a different perspective with an arsenal of tools to support both YOU and YOUR PARTNER. The experience a doula brings to the table helps you both in making decisions and moving through your journey to meeting your baby.

how do we book?

I like to get folks on the phone to chat about what they feel they need, their experience thus far, and how I can help them reach their birthing goals. Once we decide we are a great fit, I'll send an agreement and invoice with a payment plan for your chose package. Those are electronic to make it super simple. 

what if you can't make it?

Since I'll be on call for your birth there is such a slim chance that I won't make it. If your birth is precipitous or there are extenuating circumstances, I will be there as soon as possible. There has not yet been a situation where I have not made it. We can also arrange for a back up if necessary.

what if i want the epidural?

Babe, this is YOUR birth. No one can tell you what decisions are best for you to move through this journey. While I will do everything to support your plan, sometimes you may want other relief options. I am there to support your choices all the way through. 




You can expect


When we ended up at the hospital after planning to birth at home, she was there. Jacqie walks between the veil of two worlds as only another mother can as she has done that sacred dance herself. I could not recommend anyone more to support you during the vulnerability and beauty of childbirth."

“Jacqie held the most sacred of spaces for me when I was carrying our youngest child. Jacqie loved me through that pregnancy in a way no one else could; unconditionally.

"Jacqie walks between the veil of two worlds..."


She reminded me how to breathe- I knew how to breathe (this was my 3rd birth)- but I was emotionally broken and I could not breathe - until she reminded me. She looked me in the eyes and helped me remember that I WAS strong enough to do this- when I decided that I wasn't. She gave direction to my other supports about how they could really help me. She advocated for me with the hospital staff in a way that was respectful and appropriate yet assertive and in a "taking control manner. She empowered me. She convinced me that I could birth my baby the way I wanted- and I did! (100% naturally in a tub!)." 

"YOU NEED HER! I have known Jacqie for most of my life and she was meant to be a doula. This is just one of the things she was made for. Jacqie filled a magnitude of roles that day. She was strong, competent, calm, and encouraging. 

"Above and beyond our wildest expectations."


She was able to read my cues and would step in or step back with ease. With her support, I had the calm birthing experience I desired, with the pictures to prove it! She also worked seamlessly with my midwife and was able to maintain professionalism while remaining candid with us."

"Jacqie was a wonderful support person during my birthing experience. Not only was she there for me, but for my partner too. She helped him stay calm.

"I had the calm birthing experience I desired."

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